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Zenigma Web Design has provided powerful web design, search engine optimization, and marketing services for organizations ranging from convention and visitors bureaus to corporations and small businesses. If you desire to expand, compete, and bring in more revenuewe can absolutely help. We are not your typical web design company, our websites are reverse engineered from actual search engine data and consumer buying behaviors to improve their effectiveness. What good is a website if it doesn’t affect your bottom line? Call now to hear more about our engineering approach to web marketing. 989-513-5693

Web Design & Management

Beautiful web design blending both form and function. Engineered to engage consumers, increase sales, and effectively drive marketing efforts. Proper web development is an investment with proven returns. MORE

Facebook Lead Generation

Every once in a while, a tool comes along that revolutionizes an industry. In the marketing realm, this is that tool. While we have labeled this service Facebook Lead Generation it may as well be called Facebook Revenue Generation because it has such a huge impact on revenue. MORE

Search Engine Optimization

The most effective way to increase the impact of a website no matter your target market. Strategic search engine optimization increases revenue, establishes a dominating web presence and expands a business’ regional influence. MORE

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No strings attached and no high-pressure sales calls. Simply a comprehensive analysis by a web design & search engine optimization expert to see where we can help you increase annual sales, raise consumer awareness & market more effectively.

What to expect

1. Expect a well planned hassle-free web design process.

First, we begin with research & analysis asking critical questions regarding your companies specific objectives. With these objectives in mind, we set out to study the current market finding any areas of opportunity or vulnerability that may lie unearthed. Once we have a firm grasp on both your companies objectives (current & future) and what it will take to reach those objectives we begin the engineering process. This process is where developing an effective marketing/branding message meets search engine placement strategies and the utilization of powerful web marketing platforms. In order for your new site be as effective as possible we take into consideration all three of these key areas developing a presentation that elicits a response from potential clients. Last, we take this powerful messaging and place it where your clients are, both on search engines and on powerful social media platforms producing tremendous results and often a very quick ROI.

2. Expect professional quality mobile-friendly web design.

Quality web design begins with quality design. It is not enough to simply have a website, the real power comes from advertising and how well you present your product, offering, or service to potential customers. Does it elicit a response? Is it the response you want? That is where we come in, we can transform your online identity to be incredibly effective at targeting customers. Our professional photography, video advertising, and graphic design capabilities ensure that your first impression online conveys the exact message you want.

3. Expect higher performance & placement on search engines

Our websites have proven to be incredibly effective on search engines which have contributed to the success and growth of many businesses with a track record of ranking websites higher, giving our clients a competitive advantage within their industry. Each site is reverse engineered from actual search engine data ensuring that every word, every meta-tag, every link, and every heading specifically targets where we know customers are located.

4. Expect to see results, gain new clients & increase revenue.

Expect to reach more clients, increase your market share, and grow your business. Having a properly developed and positioned website can have a profound impact on a company and is often the difference between missed opportunities and exponential growth. We are here to take what you do and make it as effective as possible. Get ready to hit the accelerator because we know exactly what it takes to produce results online.

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We are marketing professionals that have the skills to not only represent your business beautifully but also position it competitively within its target market. This has proven time and time again to increase revenue for our clients. Call us today and/or fill out the form below to get in contact with us.

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